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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Brand New

I built a Phenom SOUL website which has 158 books and 86 authors. I've been all over the net in the 'Book World'  during the last 4 years, and I belong to 50 blogs.Network and Blogger..even Wordpress! However, I never made my own blog. This is brand new and therefore, it looks so small here, and I have one lone friend.(Sniffle) But...Everybody has to start somewhere, sometime...Right?
See Leanore's Home and you will be wowed. LOL



Via Redempion.
Hi. Thanks for your comment. I am the publisher, Katandra Shanel Jackson/FreedomInk Publishing. Redemption will be in paperback format which i'm looking to offer as a special edition... HARDBACK! As an option, the e-book will be available as well. My apologies to those that thought the book's format was the latter only! Alot goes into the production and publication of print books. ISBN, barcodes, editors, proofers, promos, cover designers, setup fees, copyrights... and i'm only skimming the surface. I have 2 e-books on the market, but there is nothing like the thrill and feel of autographing and selling my 'Traditional Book' . Long live the dream of the Author. However. Thank you for your interest and much luck and success on the sales of your e-books.
Katandra Shanel Jackson, Author/Publisher @ FreedomInk

shah wharton said...

Hey - popping by to say it was great to see you over at WordsinSync to read the interview. I have 'followed' too so its growing already. I will say this - the numbers of followers mean nothing - When I first started only last year, I entered everything to get my followers up, but its the real followers who actually stop by often and comment who are worth having. They are few and far between. I'm going to pop you in my blog list - it is my reminder list of who I need to visit. I update it now and then. IF you need any advice or whatever, let me know. Although you are certainly no stranger to cyber space like I was when I started, blogging yourself will be a learning curve in itself no doubt ;D Good luck X